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Happy birthday to SPECK OSTERHOUT
Chicago, Illinois 
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Human beings share everything to themselves,

They want everyone to know, they keep things quiet

We share every inch of a world we keep to ourselves

We upload, download, meet up, hook up

Get up, Stay in bed

Instagram, Facebook, Tweet

We lie, cheat, steal, heal, buy and sell

Hypothesize, Criticize, Improvise, Supersize

Negotiate, Hyperventilate, Manipulate, Stimulate, Stipulate, Immigrate, Initiate, Intimate, Incriminate, Incinerate, Obliterate

We are the ones who cry for help to the people we that hate

We are the makers and destroyers of everything to date

We build it up, just to tear it down

Me make love just to watch it drown

Humans are the beginning and end of all life

For we create life and end life

Destroyers, Rulers, Beggers, Givers, Lovers, Haters, Breathers, Speakers

Walkers, Talkers, Screamers, Dreamers, Haters, Maters, Teachers, Preachers, Lovers, Discoverers, Dancers, Entrancers

Remember and Forget

We would kill to live, yet give our lives to save another’s

We have shut ourselves in, only to open our lives up

We speak our words to shut other up

We try to save a world we are destroying

We try to destroy a world worth saving

We are the “we”

We’re in this together

We are they “They”

We are us.

Now and Forever.

Was, Am, Will

Cannot, Will Not, Would Not 

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This is what love looks like.

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I meant every word. And I still do.

I find myself literally counting down the hours until I can see you again. Days have never gone by slower. I’ve lost the ability to tell my heart to shut up. Or… Have I just started believing what it’s saying? A part of me hopes you don’t read these. So I take them down when I get nervous. But at the same time I want you to read them. I don’t want to hurt you. But I want you to know. I want you to know what you already know. How I feel.